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Don Maddox: King's Indian Attack

Don Maddox: King's Indian Attack

Building an opening repertoire can be a daunting task. So much to learn;
so little time. The King’s Indian Attack (KIA) offers a remarkable
three-pronged solution to this problem:

1) A universal hypermodern repertoire based on NF3/d2-d3/g2-g3/Bg2;

2) A customisable 1 e4 repertoire channelling virtually every black
response (except 1…d5) into familiar KIA waters; and

3) A permanent fall back for those times you need to rest your regular
repertoire while you fine-tune it, modify it, or repair holes in it.

The KIA is versatile and varied enough to serve you for the rest of
your career in any one of these three capacities. Don Maddox co-authored
the Bluebook Guide to the Winning with the King’s Indian Attack, and he
has taught and played the KIA extensively. On this CD he discusses
the basic principles of the KIA theory – from both the white and black
sides. The CD contains more than 20,000 games (740+annotated),
a complete KIA tree, and a KIA Training Database.
The text introduction
are extensive.


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