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Chess Mentor DELUXE

Chess Mentor DELUXE

Chess Mentor Deluxe includes Chess Mentor - Comprehensive Chess Course
and 12 supplementary courses, for a total of over 1950 challenges.

The material is partitioned into the following Challenge Sets and Courses:

Level I: Start Me at the Very Beginning
Level II: Squares and Rules
Level III: Basic Checkmates
Level IV: Introduction to Tactics
Level V: Exclusively Checkmates
Level VI: Step Up in Tactics
Level VII: Endings, Openings, a Taste of the Middle
Level VIII: Intermediate Tactics
Level IX: Rook and other Endgames
Level X: Advanced Tactics

- Challenges by GM's Browne, de Firmian and Afi Staff
- Chess Potpourri - FM Craig Marr
- Lessons in Strategy (1) - IM Jeremy Silman
- A Kaleidoscope of openings - IM John Grefe
- Silman Teaches Tactics - IM Jeremy Silman
- Lessons in Strategy (2)
- Pawn Endings from Beginner to Expert
- World Champions at Their Best (1)
- Master Your Technique - FM Thomas Wolski
- World Champions (2) - The Lasker Years
- Build Your Technique
- The Roots of Positional Understanding
- Kasparov - IBM Deep Blue Matches

This package also includes the upgrade to 3.0 version and two additional supplementary courses:

- The King's Indian Defense by FM Thomas Wolski
- The Sicilian Defense by FM Thomas Wolski


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